Monday, March 15, 2010

Whole Living

Some of you already know that I have been following the body and soul plan(that's what it used to be called) from the Martha Stewart web site. If you are interested in it, go to . This is the Whole Living Body Plan I believe it is called. Anyhow, I should be on week 3, but my weeks are taking about 10 days, just not mastering some of the things I need to do in only 7 days. But, I am still doing it. I have lost about 17 pounds and am feeling better every day. One thing that I have been surprised about is just how much more relaxed I am when I take a little pre-bed time to journal and meditate. It really has been helping me clear my mind. I am using much less medications to get me to sleep. Last night was a rough one, but that is just because I need to get back into the swing of having my hubby home and back in our bed. I really am excited about this "diet" because it really isn't a diet, it is a new chance for me to reinstitute healthy eating and healthy habits back into my life. This is a way of living, not just menu choices, a way of living that I not only can do but am excited about doing. I can't believe how better I feel physically and spiritually. I am really surprised by how disgusting processed food is and I am wondering why I ever thought it was good?!! Sooooo hoping my kids and husband see the positive changes and get on board. I make the healthy food for everyone, but they don't always partake in it. I am learning how to keep cooking just as healthy, but make it more kid friendly. I'll let you know how I do with that challenge. My husband is included in that kid friendly food, he is a big baby when it comes to food. So silly. Well, I'm off to take a walk and clean my yard, just trying to add more moving into my day, in any form I can think of that will not hurt my back or neck. I figure I have to keep pressing it, it is a vicious cycle I am in now. If I exercise, my back hurts, but if I stay overweight, my back will always hurt. I have to lose weight. This will not fix my back, but any relief is better than none at this point. That goes for anyone, but in my case, I am out of other options, I have to find the courage to work thru the discomfort to get to my goal. I know I can do this. I will do this. "No one can change my life but me." ....Carol Burnett



Good for you Leslie! Keep up the good work. You can do it!!!


Hi Leslie! That really sounds interesting and it's great that it works for you, I'm glad you're feeling better, you'll make it! :)

Hugs, Vanja