Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finding Art Everywhere!!

Hi everyone!! I found a place in Toledo, Ohio called Scrap4Art! I love the place. People bring in things they either can't use, have too many of, etc, and instead of throwing it away, it is recycled for art making purposes. A lot of people haven't really gotten into it, cuz, as I am being told is that they see the great items, but don't really know what to do with any of them to make a whole project from it. So, that is where I come in. I found this place and loved it, so I go there, find some random objects and turn it into something fun. Then I write the tutorial so people that come behind me can see what they need to collect to do it for themselves. My last trip there I found a big box of lightbulbs that weren't broken but burned out. I brought a few home and so far I have made a vase, a terrarium, and two Christmas ornaments. After I take some pics I will post them on here. If you are from our area, be sure to check into the Scrap4art store, they are always looking for donations, volunteers or of course, money is ALWAYS helpful. LOL!! Love and hugs, Leslie
 Here are a couple of things I made this weekend for Scrap4Art. An earring holder from a broken frame and a flower vase and holder from a blown out light bulb and an old wire hanger.